Bruno Ferrari Group

offers diverse consulting services, in most cases tailor made to meet challenges  the clients are struggling to overcome. Below are brief offerings of what Bruno Ferrari Group can offer your business to thrive in rapid changing industry. 


Analysis of the costs and revenue of the restaurant, evaluation services, modify menu food and drinks, food costs, creation SOP, training kitchen and floor staff, search food and drinks suppliers.


This service include the BASIC SERVICE + a series of evaluations for the marketing and branding, socials, web design, branding logo.

With our socials we can help to grow your visibility.


This service include the first 2 above mentioned, plus we will offer a semi-management restaurant operation for a starting contract duration from 6 to 24 months. We will take care of all operation and revenue aspect with daily report to the propriety.


In exceptional cases, we offer join venture with the propriety, we re-brand with our name and concept and we directly run the day by day operation of the business in  order to achieve the targets revenue and profits. 

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