Bruno Ferrari, Founder & Hospitality Specialist 

5 Italian Restaurants Internationally, 4 In China, 1 Italy

Consulting companies located in Italy, Hong Kong and Shanghai

LAVAZZA coffee Brand Ambassador


Uniquely positioned in historic mountain side caves in Pretoro, Bruno Ferrari Ristorante awaits dinners with an experience only Bruno Ferrari could imagine. Using only local ingredients the restaurant will showcase the region’s cuisine with modern interpretations. . 220 sqm with only 30-32 seats.

average check 60-80 Euro

Parco della Majella

The first and only Abruzzo style food restaurant in China in Shanghai, opened in September 2019, only traditional food and with 80% of only imported products from Italy. 240 sqm with 50 in open terrace, 44-46 seats total.

Average check 45-55 Euro

Majella cafe & bistro

New concept of cafe & bistro, next to open in May 2020, located in the famous Ctrip building, comfort food style, cafe, panini, salad Italian style food. 190 sqm with 70 seats.

average check 13-18 Euro 

Opened in January 2015 in Suzhou (70 km. from Shanghai) Italian authentic food from north to south Italy and all imported products. 550 sqm with 120 open terrace, 90 seats

Average check 40-60 Euro

Cin Cin

Opened in June 2018 in Wuxi (80 Km. from Shanghai) in new area at the 3rd floor of the new shopping mall. 650 sqm with 250 open terrace and garden, only authentic Italian food classic.

average check 35-50 Euro

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